Financial Analysis sans Tears

3 reasons you are petrified of financial analysis!

1. Numbers scare you; they are "spooky";
2. Nobody has made an effort to simplify them;
3. In fact, Accountants keep them that way to intimidate you!

They do not call the accountants bean counters for nothing. Accountants have traditionally kept numbers and analysis a mysterious skill not apparently accessible to the lay person. The individual who is particularly vulnerable to this is one from a non-finance background.

Not any more! Our signature Financial Analysis sans Tears Coaching class will build analytical savvy into you in no time removing the fear factor for numbers.

How do we achieve it?. By the often overlooked approach of teaching key concepts in a cause-effect paradigm and explaining the umbilical cord relationships between the key components of financial statements in simple terms.

3 reasons to love Financial Analysis sans Tears Coaching

1. It is written specifically for a non financial background individual
2. It stays away from Jargon; Jargon makes simple concepts sound complex
3. Using Mind Maps and simple visual diagrams to reinforce learning and retention  

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Part of our VALUECoach Series

VALUECoach is a series of customized Coaching Programs which deliver a gamut of financial, operating and performance analysis.  These are focused on delivering profits, improving bottom line and eliminating wastage and losses in the operation.

VALUECoach and similar other solutions are what Ignite Insight LLC specializes in. We believe that solutions tailored to a problem are the way to produce results that are different from the run of the mill.  We do not provide cookie cutter solutions. We do not believe one size fits all.

The VALUECoach Series is backed by the Ignite Insight LLC promise of a Money Back Guarantee.

Ignite Insight LLC is committed to excellence and solutions whether it is analysis, coaching, training, or thought leadership which differentiate it from other solution providers in the market and all that we ask is give us an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to deliver unique value to you our customers.

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