Synopsis of Motivational Speech Topics

Inspiring your Team to Greatness

All of us whether employed with a company or running our own business ventures (except of course a sole proprietorship) in some form or the other are working with teams at our work place. For every person who we call the "Boss", he or she will have subordinates working for them.


It is one thing to have expertise in something and do that extremely successfully ourselves and quite another to delegate and have done by people working for us. This is because every individual's motivation is not the same and to get others of varying motivation and energy levels to execute a task as one envisions it is no easy task. The success of any organization hinges on how well we harness individual team members into a tightly welded team producing at its peak. It may mean the difference between a successful enterprise and one that is not.


To inspire a team to greatness requires not just managerial skills but more critically leadership skills. A team needs an individual that they can look up to and be motivated to follow. Sadly, the experience is more often that we have managers heading teams but not exhibiting leadership skills.


Leadership is a skill set completely different from that of a manager although the expectation is that a manager is also a leader.

Ignite your Calling in Life


Your calling is as unique as your DNA!

We always talk about and revere omnipresent, "cult status" brands like Apple, Coca Cola, and McDonald’s, which touch our lives every waking moment. These brands are instantly recognizable, carry phenomenal value and more importantly are uniquely distinctive.


Have we ever stopped to think that the God Almighty also created an equally if not more powerful "brand" unique from everybody else Including Apple, Coca Cola etc. - YOU!


Yes, YOU, Ladies & Gentlemen. I would go as far as to say that Apple, Coca Cola had to actually go and register their brands to call it their own!!! In contrast, YOU were sent down to this Earth with the God Almighty's Pre-Approved Brand!!! (anyone who has been sold any kind of Credit Card and that should include all of us with a pre-approval will know what I am talking about) and remember this pre-approval is unique too - being the Almighty's, it HAS NO VALIDITY PERIOD!! (unlike a Credit Card).


So, that is why your calling is as unique as your DNA!


Would you then not want to learn more about this unique "brand" that is you? Would you not want to ignite that mysterious and latent element that is your "calling"?


For, at the end of the day, since God sent us down on this earth with our own personal brand he meant for us to do something with it.


Did we do anything with it?


Ignite your calling is all about finding out what we did with it. Did we even realize we were supposed to do something with it or for that matter what that calling actually is.


Stay with me on this fascinating journey into the Discovery of Our Brand and our calling!


Ignite It, NOW!

Have a Zen Mind!

The first decade of the new millennium has sealed it as the decade of “The Learning Revolution” thanks primarily to the all-conquering juggernaut known as the Internet. The explosion of every kind of information that is now available on the web has meant that learning is just a click away. Or is it really?


Research into the workings of the brain and indeed the mind has conclusively proved that brain and mind power potential are similar among all human beings. This is the equivalent of “creating a level playing field” in the business world.  All of a sudden, every human being has been vested (in almost a supernatural way) with an infinite capacity to learn, and imbibe.  The only condition or qualification, for want of a better expression, is the presence of a positive mind-set towards such learning.


But this has brought in its wake two major and diametrically opposite problems:

The Confusion of Choices and

The Expertise Trap!


While on the one hand, the literal barrage of information - some dangerously dubious - from every conceivable point of view has meant that we have to carefully sift through before we reach the truth, on the other hand it has led to what we can only call the "know-it-all syndrome" or the Expertise Trap.


Enter the powerful principle of the Zen Mind.

A Zen Mind is the quintessential Beginner's mind, a mind OPEN to possibilities and a mind, which refuses to profess expertise in anything...a mind ready to absorb and imbibe!

Join us in this exploration into what a “Zen mind“ can do to your ability to assimilate and apply without any limitations.

Be a Jack-of-all-Trades & the Da Vinci of today!

Long ago, the much clichéd expression: A Jack of All Trades is Master of None! ruled the roost. The thought process seemed to suggest that you should not be "knowledgeable" in more than one area and you should strive to be an expert in one thing!


Well, even in this age of the explosion of the Internet and the overload of information, that may appear to be the only choice.


However, whether it is in the context of creativity or effectiveness in a business or on the job, consider for a moment that we are expected to wear multiple hats in the course of these endeavors. There are no self-contained silos any more and cross-pollination and alliances are the order of the day.


In this scenario, being a generalist and being multi functional is a huge advantage.  In fact, this is a pre-requisite to being creative; as I shall go on to prove.


No great person past or present epitomized this ”Jack of all Trades and Master of All“ tag than the incomparable genius of the Renaissance Era - Leonardo Da Vinci.


Endowed with seemingly supernatural talents Da Vinci, considered one of the greatest Painters of all time, was a master exponent of Art, Architecture, Astronomy, Astrology, Aeronautics, Physiology, Psychology and numerous other fields of study.


Da Vinci through his own life achievements emphasized that the brain and the mind are utilized to their fullest extent when we pursue, absorb and then apply knowledge gleaned from multifarious disciplines beyond what is just work related. His Seven principles of creativity are the Holy Grail of any yardstick of creative ability and pursuits.

So, join me in this rather ”out of the box“ exploration into broadening our horizons of knowledge in our quest to be the modern day Da Vinci! I can promise to ignite insight that will leave you stunned!

Discovering the Creative You


Every one of us is a potential Einstein waiting to be discovered!


Wow! That is profound…. and yes, shocking!


Every human being has the inherent capacity to learn and be infinitely creative. All it requires is an attitude and belief system, beginning with belief in the person who stares back at you every morning from the mirror!


Quickly ask yourself: were you ever aware that in terms of capacity of the mind, you are on par with Einstein!


If you were, my heartiest congratulations!


For those who were or are not aware, there is no cause for despair! Indeed, you are among the majority who has no inkling as to what they are capable of. And that should make this journey absolutely enthralling. Skeptical, maybe, but enthralling nonetheless!


It is a myth that creativity is the domain of only a few gifted individuals. This is primarily because of how we define creativity and also how much we underestimate our own ability to be creative.


It is my intention that with specific insight into understanding the unique working of our miraculous mind and the incomparable brain, we begin to discover the creativity that is inherently present in all of us.

Goal Setting insight to Happiness

Goal setting as a personal development activity is now so prevalent that there is an entire industry worth billions of dollars that purveys this through various products and services.


We however many times utilize goal setting in rather restricted ways and for merely materialistic acquisition. Don't get me wrong, by any stretch of imagination, it is not bad to yearn for and set goals for materialistic acquisition.


What I am emphasizing though is that this pursuit of materialistic acquisition falls short of something that is far more valuable, fulfilling and complete.  I would say this is the difference between setting "success" as a goal as opposed to, say, "happiness".


The attainment of happiness as a goal brings with it success, however, not necessarily vice versa.


So, Ladies & Gentlemen, come with me on this journey. I assure you setting happiness as a goal and the achievement of that will bring in it's wake everlasting elements like peace of mind, contentment etc that eventually money cannot buy!